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About our Trips

     Our tours are designed to be very action packed. We want to show you as much as possible in the time you are travelling. If you want a casual pace let us know, we'll notch it back a bit. If you want maximum time searching for wildlife let us know, we'll kick it up. Our guides and drivers are always looking to please our clients. Communication with them is key. We'll give them as much introduction to your needs and requests as possible, but you need to politely refresh their memories as the trip starts and develops.

   The itineraries are designed to give you the most wildlife and culture exposure. If you want more of one or the other please let us know in the planning stages. Getting from one place to another can be a long day via planes, trains or vehicles. We ask for your understanding that sometimes things are out of our control... accidents (not ours , but others), road construction delays, train and plane schedule delays, power failures at camps/lodges/hotels, limited or no internet access in some locations and other set backs.  We plan all our tours with average time frames in mind giving some allowance for delays. Our contacts, guides and drivers will always do their best to keep things on track and moving smoothly. Please be patient with them.

   Many people have no idea where to begin planning an adventure of a lifetime. Well, let it all begin right here with Big Cat Expeditions. Edward and his team will send you to their favourite destinations. You're only worry will be having the camera pointed in the right direction.

   Our name states big cats, but we offer far more. Our flexibility and network of contacts worldwide allow us to meet your specific travel requests. Big or small, if it can be done, you will do it.

   Internationally renowned wildlife artist, Edward Spera, his wife Lisa Elliott and their partner Tyrone Mahabir have teamed with expert guides, trackers and travel gurus from around the world to bring you the best possible opportunities to see the big predators on the planet. Edward and Lisa have personally spent the last 30+ years exploring each of the countries and national parks showcased in Big Cat Expedition itineraries. They back them up with the striking photos they've captured  in the field. With their help, Big Cat Expeditions guarantees its ongoing efforts to update and  confirm these hot spots. “I know the frustration of misinformation or having the lack of knowledge to plan a trip accordingly. With Big Cat Expeditions you are getting the most value for your money with years of experience  backing it up” - Edward Spera.

   Whether you are  a pro photographer, amateur nature lover or someone in between, Big Cat Expeditions can organize your adventure. We specialize in small group dynamics. No overcrowded jeeps or buses. Our goal is to meet your specific wildlife needs and give you the room to do it. From simple and cost efficient, to elaborate and luxurious, we can design an itinerary that will maximize your wildlife sighting potential and experience. Choose from one of our fixed action packed  itineraries or let us develop a unique itinerary based on recommendations from our experienced travel team personally.


Let your adventure begin!