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A great mix of wildlife, parks and iconic cultural sites!

Land of the Tiger 

Visit key locations for Tigers, Leopards and Asiatic Lions. Plus 

Tiger Sighting 

other amazing wildlife!

   "India has amazing wildlife and incredible culture. It is truly unlike anywhere else in the world with its historical sights and fascinating people. For an animal lover seeing a tiger in the wild is a lifetime highlight.  I've had the honour of seeing countless tigers in India, over many trips, and I treasure each and every sighting."... Edward Spera

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   What you can expect is to embark on a safari taking you to some of India's most famous national parks in search of iconic species such as tigers,  leopards, sloth bears, wild elephants and monkeys. You will also encounter large herds of Sambar deer, chital, mongooses, wild boars, water buffalos, peacocks, other endemic bird species, lizards, snakes  and crocodiles.

   Our knowledge and years of experience will maximize your chances of great sightings.  Being in the right place, at the right time, with the right guide will give you the best chance possilble to see something amazing.


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