Big cat expeditions

​Set out into the heart of the Rift Valley where the saturation of wildlife is arguably the best in Africa. As dawn breaks, hit the trail in your 4x4 and search for the golden light sighting everyone hopes for...a pride of lions, cheetahs on a kill, or a leopard dragging its prize up a tree, anything is possible.  Learn more...Kenya Safari

Wild Africa - Kenya / Tanzania

Land of the Tiger - 3 Great India Itineraries!

Pumas / Mountain Lions - Chile

With every passing moment you slip deeper into the Pantanal. This area of southern Brazil teems with rich wildlife. Jaguars hunt along the edges of the Cuiaba River. Giant River Otters, as big as a man, seek out their next fishy meal. Black Caimans surface at the slightest vibration in the water. And there are birds, loads and loads of Birds...Brazil Jaguars

​Follow in the footsteps of Diane Fossey as you hike up into the Virunga Mountains. Feel the rush as the first member of your gorilla family peeks through the under growth. All your senses kick in with incredible sights, sounds and smells of the surrounding vegetation as you realize you are within feet of a beautiful baby gorilla and his mother. All the while the dominant Silverback keeps a close eye on your movements. Learn more...Gorillas Rwanda

Travel to Chile and the southern tip of South America in search of elusive Pumas (Mountain Lions). With a back drop of Torres Del Paine Nat. Park you will spend time tracking these incredible cats. Condors, King Penguins, Guanaco, Foxes and numerous bird species round out the adventure...Pumas of Chile

Explore India's  national parks in search of tigers. With the aid of an experienced guide and driver you will explore pristine forests tracking these magnificent cats. Three great trip itineraries to choose from, to meet your wildlife and culture needs.  Learn more...Tigers of India

Tracking Jaguars - Brazil

Mountain Gorillas - Uganda / Rwanda

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