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   Big Cat Expeditions evolved as a eureka moment by two long term experienced travelers. Edward Spera and Lisa Elliott have been to many bucket list locations on the planet. Numerous trips around the globe in search of unique wildlife for Edward (who is a world renown wildlife artist) and his wife Lisa (long time backpacker and adventure seeker) have given these two experience and knowledge beyond their years. With over 30 years of experience in the field covering great parts of North & South America, Asia Major, Southeast Asia and the African continent, they decided to share their knowledge through Big Cat Expeditions. Their history of travels and network of contacts are the foundation of each and every trip they plan for their clients. Keep in mind we are more than just big cats. The places, people, religions and history of a country add so much to each and every adventure. At Big Cat Expeditions we can easily plan your trip to involve the natural world and beyond.

   Do you have a bucket list? Does it include travelling to exotic locations and experiencing things most people will never see? Big Cat Expeditions has evolved to help even the most inexperienced traveler feel confident as they set out on their trip of a lifetime. Edward and Lisa have been to these places, work with local guides and support locally run guest houses, hotels\lodges and businesseses, giving you the most authentic adventure possible. Years of trial and error brought them the experience, knowledge and confidence to launch Big Cat Expeditions. Their journey's are the foundation for your adventure. They have developed action packed fixed itineraries or can help you custom design itineraries to meet your specific needs.

   Edward and Lisa have teamed with friend Tyrone Mahabir who will also be very hands on in the development of each trip. His knowledge and experiences from travels with Edward and Lisa allow him to greatly enhance your experience. Each trip is designed to be as economical as possible, as safe and secure as possible and backed up with the most current reports from national parks and regions involved in your journey. One of Big Cat Expeditions policies is to monitor wildlife and cultural activities involved in it's itineraries and adjust routes accordingly to maximize each trips potential. As an example... if leading up to your trip to India we find tiger sightings are poor at one destination on your itinerary, we'll give you options to replace that destination. We plan your trip like it was our own.

   Big Cat Expeditions is NOT about over priced over done tours. We pride ourselves on giving you the best most up to date information at our disposal. In many ways this will take your trip with Big Cat to a whole different level. We demand it for our adventures and we'll demand it for yours.

edward spera

Co founder and partner of Big Cat Expeditions. Edward is Wildlife Specialist, Design manager and Trip Consultant at Big Cat Exp. 

tyrone mahabir

Co founder and partner of Big Cat Expeditions. Tyrone is Head of Operations, Logistics and Marketing. He is also one of Big Cat's trip consultants.

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Lisa elliott

Co founder and partner of Big Cat Expeditions. Lisa is Cultural Specialist  and  key Trip Advisor.